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The ocean is filled with mystery and wonder, so when man made vessels, airplanes and automobiles fall prey to her depths, it seems only logical that they act as a lure. Develop the skills and knowledge to make visits to these wrecks both safe and fun.

A minimum age of 15yrs and a adventure diver certification is required for this course. Wreck penetration-training dives are limited to within the light zone and within 40 meters / 130 feet from the surface, vertical and horizontal distance included.It is also a prerequisite to have a deep diver rating if the training wreck is located deeper than 18 meters / 60 feet.

This 1 day course involving 2 open water dives, will teach you the preparation and use of specialised equipment like penetration lines and reels, lights and air supply. Limited visibilty dive planning, organization, emergency procedures, techniques, problems and hazards will also all be tought.

Your wreck diving adventure dive can count towards this speciality at the Instructors discretion. This speciality certification also counts as 1 of 5 speciality certifications required for your Master Scuba Diver certification.

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The course prices includes Scuba & Skin equipment for duration of course,
Crew Pack (tuition material required) &

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