Table Bay Diving

Sunny Cove

Shore EntryScuba

34°08,68'S - 18°26,30'E

Average Visibility:
3 m to 12 m
Water Temperature:
12 °C to 16°C
Average Depth:
7 m
Maximum Depth:
8 m

Site Description: A good spot for underwater photography
as plenty of sunlight aids rich marine growth on this fairly shallow
reef. Pipefish and sea-horses have been seen lurking in the
Caulerpa (sea grass). A night dive on this site might reveal half-
buried soles and small dog sharks. Being sheltered in the Fish
Hoek bay, this site is often calm and clear when other dive sites
in the area are not diveable.

Emergency Services:
Nearest Hospital: Simon's Town Naval Base.
Nearest Chamber: Simon's Town Naval Base.
For a full list of EMERGENCY SERVICES click HERE

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