Table Bay Diving

Spaniard Rock

Shore EntryScuba

34°13,00'S - 18°28,00'E

Average Visibility:
3 m to 15 m
Water Temperature:
12 °C to 16°C
Average Depth:
8 m to 10 m
Maximum Depth:
12 m

Site Description: This site so named for the flamboyant reds and
yellows present in the sponges and surrounding marine growth.
Entry and exit is relatively easy apart from a short steep decent
to the rocky shore. When swells are running, surge can develop
and exits will need to be well timed. Spaniard Rock is situated
roughly 75 m out to sea and the water is usualy at it's clearest in
winter. Reef fish such as Roman, hottentot, butterfish and
Janbruin, which are typical for False Bay are plentiful here.

Emergency Services:
Nearest Hospital: Simon's Town Naval Base.
Nearest Chamber: Simon's Town Naval Base.
For a full list of EMERGENCY SERVICES click HERE

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