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The Wrecks of Smitswinkel Bay

Boat access Scuba

34°16,08'S - 18°28,55'E

Average Visibility:
3 m to 15 m
Water Temperature:
10 °C to 16°C
Average Depth:
30 m to 36 m
Maximum Depth:
40 m

Site Description: The SAS Transvaal (navy frigate), SAS Good
Hope (navy frigate), the Rockeater (diamond dredger), the
Princess Elizabeth (fishing trawler) and the Oratava (fishing
trawler) were all scuttled in the early 1970's by the navy to form an
artificial reef. The dredger and frigates are in an upright position
and at this depth can be quite a ghostly sight. It is essential to take
some form of artificial light source to reveal the varied colours
of the marine life. As these wrecks lie close together it is
advised to use a local dive charter to locate them, some local
divers are not even sure which wreck is which. Various nudibranchs,
anemones, sponges, sea-fans and starfish along with soft corals
in an aray of colours (white, red, yellow, mauve ) will be seen here.
Because of the depth be sure to plan the dive well and adhere to

Emergency Services:
Nearest Hospital: Simon's Town Naval Base.
Nearest Chamber: Simon's Town Naval Base.
For a full list of EMERGENCY SERVICES click HERE

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