Table Bay Diving

The Kraaiestein (1698)

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33°58,85'S - 18°21,70'E

Average Visibility:
3 m to 20 m
Water Temperature:
10 °C to 14 °C
Average Depth:
6 m to 10 m
Maximum Depth:
20 m

Site Description: On her maiden voyage from Wielingen on route
to Table Bay this East Indiaman ran aground in thick mist. Het Huis
Te Kraaiestein shipwrecked on the 27 May 1698 carrying a cargo
of 19 chests of silver pieces-of-eight among other things. Three
of these chests are still unaccounted for and the name 'Geldkis'
appears on maps of the area, no doubt refering to this missing
treasure. Being well sheltered this area is mainly dived in the
summer when conditions are clear and calm. There are still several
cast iron cannons on the wreck of which one can be seen from the
surface when the water is clear. This crayfish sanctuary boasts
some real granddaddies.

Emergency Services:
Nearest Hospital: Somerset Hospital
Nearest Chamber: Table Bay Harbour
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