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Justin's Caves

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33°53,90'S - 18°20,65'E

Average Visibility:
3 m to 15 m
Water Temperature:
7 °C to 14 °C
Average Depth:
12 m to 15 m
Maximum Depth:
18 m

Site Description: Possibly one of the most rewarding and exciting
shore dives the country has to offer. Mostly dived in the summer
in cold but clear water. Be prepared for a 150 m surface swim.
The caves experience strong surge when a swell is running and an
underwater swim back is advised in these conditions as a surface
swim will be tiring. Best approched from the left the caves are
found at the bottom of the tall rock cluster and offer breathtaking
swim-throughs and large underwater caverns. This reserve boasts
large crayfish, small harmless bottom dwelling sharks, hottentot
and other small fish. Cavern walls and ceilings are covered with
hard and soft coral, nudibranchs and anemones. Take a torch with
to enjoy the full splendour of the caves' interiors.

Emergency Services:
Nearest Hospital: Somerset Hospital
Nearest Chamber: Table Bay Harbour
For a full list of EMERGENCY SERVICES click HERE

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