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A few of our favourites


Abseil from as high up as 1000 m above sea level. Enjoy the magnificent views as you control your 110m descent.
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Kite Surfing

Kite surfing - beginner or a pro, the prevailing South Easter offers perfect conditions for this fast growing sport.
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Mountain Biking

Looking for a fun-filled challenge, or are you a hardcore enthusiast? Cycle through the winelands, nature reserve or Tokai forest.
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Tandem Paragliding

Fancy a front row seat with your feet dangling thousands of feet in the air? Tandem Paragliding is the solution.
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Speed Boat Rides

Feel the wind through your hair as you skim across the waves in an inflatable speed boat. Definitely for the young at heart.
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Join in the fun and excitement of carving up the dunes in the summer sun. Sandboarding will get your blood pumping.
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Sea Kyaking

Paddle your way around the coast with the most spectacular views or set off into the sunrise or sunset.
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Tandem Skydiving

Launch yourself out of a plane at 10 000 feet and subject yourself to a 25-30 second free-fall at 200 km per hour.
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Hit the waves, get into the zone and experience some awesome surfing. Beginners welcome to give it a go.
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